Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

J.C. Newman facebook Live event. On June 12th, 6 pm Eastern Standard Time, Bobby Newman, Eric Newman and his son Drew are hosting a Facebook Live event. This is the second year in a row that the duo is celebrating the birthday of their father and grandfather Stanford Newman. Stanford Newman was the second generation and would have turned 103 on June 12th.

“We are encouraging cigar smokers, cigar lovers, and history buffs alike to join us in lighting up their favorite Diamond Crown cigar and tuning into our show at 6:00 p.m. Eastern, where Eric, Bobby, and Drew will be discussing some of their favorite memories about Stanford’s incredible life” the Newmans said in a press release.

Ministry of Cigars J.C. Newman facebook Live event

History of the company

124 years ago, Julius Caesar Newman started his cigar business. He had been working as an apprentice in the cigar industry in Cleveland, Ohio for three years. But the recession hit and he lost his job. In a bold move, he loaned some money. Instead of looking for a new job, Newman decided to build a rolling table. After securing tobacco, he rolled cigars for a local grocer. J.C. Newman Cigar Company was born.

The business and the family grew. With two factories in Ohio and 700 employees, J.C. Newman was a success. After World War II, his sons Stanford and Millard Newman joined the family business. A few years later, the company started production in Tampa, Florida as well. With a focus on premium, handmade cigars. It’s still a family owned and run business. Stanford’s sons Bobby and Eric, and grandson Drew are running the show now.

And that’s where J.C. Newman still operates the largest cigar factory on American soil. The famous El Reloj factory was purchased in the heart of Ybor City. Ybor City, named after the Cuban revolutionary Victor Ybor, was the heart of the American cigar industry. And is still breathing tobacco nowadays, a must-see destination for cigar enthusiasts. The El Rejoi factory is restored In its former glory, with complete renovations done in 2002. And now, another renovation is in the process, adding even more space for cigar rollers. The factory will be open for visitors as well.

Cigar smokers all around the world are invited to the J.C. Newman Facebook Live event on June 12th. It starts at 6 PM EST. You can use timebee to see what time that is based on your location

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