Date: May 2019
Author: Inspector Z

J.C. Newman dinner in Bratislava, Slovakia. And it’s fitting because J.C. Newman is going back to the roots. At the end of the 19th century, the founding father of the J.C. Newman empire left Slovakia for the United States. The dinner is part of an ongoing series of events from Domcigar.

The J.C. Newman story

Julius Ceasar Newman starts as a cigar apprentice at age 14. In Cleveland Ohio, where there was a large cigar producing culture. When the recession hit, three years later, Newman lost his job. Instead of looking for a new job, Newman decided to build a rolling table. After securing tobacco, he rolled cigars for a local grocer. J.C. Newman Cigar Company was born.

The business and the family grew. With two factories in Ohio and 700 employees, J.C. Newman was a success. After World War II, his sons Stanford and Millard Newman joined the family business. A few years later, the company started production in Tampa, Florida as well. With a focus on premium, handmade cigars.

And that’s where J.C. Newman still operates the largest cigar factory on American soil. The famous El Reloj factory was purchased in the heart of Ybor City. Ybor City, named after the Cuban revolutionary Victor Ybor, was the heart of the American cigar industry. And is still breathing tobacco nowadays, a must-see destination for cigar enthusiasts. And the El Rejoi factory is restored In its former glory, with complete renovations done in 2002.

J.C. Newman dinner in Bratislava
El Reloj, the J.C. Newman factory in Tampa, Florida

Brick House

The Brick House brand is all about the Slovakian heritage of J.C. Newman. Back in the town of Trebisov, the Newman family were the only family with a brick house. The rest of the houses were made out of wood. The ground floor was a tavern, where the locals would drink and gather. And in 1937, Newman honored that house by creating a clear Havana cigar with that name. After the embargo hit, the brand disappeared but in 2009 it returned. Eric & Bobby Newman created the new Brick House out of Nicaraguan tobacco. The cigars are made in their Nicaraguan cigar factory.

On Monday, May 27, Domcigar will host a J.C. Newman dinner in Bratislava. In the HRON club, from 6 pm onwards. That J.C. Newman dinner is buffet style with two alcoholic beverages and three cigars has a price of €40. Tickets can be ordered via The cigars included are the 5×54 Brick House Double Connecticut Robusto. The Brick House Mighty Mighty Maduro. That is a 6×60 Gordo, and the name Mighty Mighty is a reference to The Commodores who had a huge hit single with Brick House. The dinner is finished with Diamond Crown 1895 Julius Caesar Perfecto. Both Brick House cigars are made in Nicaragua, the Diamond Crown comes out of the Arturo Fuente factory.

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