Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

J.C. Newman changes distributor in Spain. Recently J.C. Newman appointed an international sales director in the person of Stefan Bastiaenssens. And with a new man in Europe, the oldest American cigar manufacturer has been on a roll.

Distribution in Sweden was opened with a new partner. J.C. Newman also changed distributor in The Netherlands, from Davidoff to Longfiller Company. Mi & My is the new J.C. Newman distributor in Slovakia. And now Gesinta is the new distribution partner for Spain.

Gesinta is probably the largest independent cigar distributor in Spain. There are two divisions, the ABC cigars, and the premium cigars. The premium division distributes brands as Oliva and Perdomo, but also own their own brand: Condega cigars. And J.C. Newman is now part of that family too. And the beautiful thing about Gesinta, all the proceeds of the premium cigar division go to charity. 

The brands

For now, Newman and Gesinta chose to start with two of the J.C. Newman brands, adding a third one in January. The brands that are being distributed starting now are Brick House and Cuesta Rey. The budget bundles from Quorum will be launched in January.

Cuesta Rey is a brand owned by J.C. Newman but manufactured by their business partner for 35 years, Tabacalera Fuente y Cia. Fuente produces several lines for Newman, Newman distributes Fuente in the United States. It’s a strong partnership. Brick House is made by J.C. Newman at their PENSA factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The same goes for Quorum, which is rumored to be the best sold budget Longfiller in the world.

Ministry of Cigars J.C. Newman changes distributor in Spain
Quorum bundles

With the move to Gesinta, J.C. Newman will be available throughout all of Spain. The previous distributor could only distribute the cigars regionally. The new distribution should be a huge step forward for the Newman family.

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