June 2021

Izambar is now available in Belgium. The Nicaraguan brand may not be the most famous of all brands, but it is a good seller in Germany and Switzerland. And now the brand is available in Belgium through Casa de Puros, a young cigar distribution country. Izambar is their third brand, after Perdomo and Oscar. 


The Izambar brand has its roots in Switzerland, as many other brands do. The inspiration comes from the British engineer pioneer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. This British engineer was ahead of his time and a pioneer in the golden era of the industrial revolution. He was part of the team that created the first tunnel under a river, the Thames tunnel. He also engineered the first steel, propeller-driven sea vessel. And he was an avid smoker of cigars. According to the legend, he sometimes smoked 40 cigars a day.

Casa de Puros is introducing the three Nicaraguan cigars from Izambar in Belgium. The Swiss brand also has a line, Paddington, coming from the Dominican Republic but for now, that line is not available in Belgium.

The cigars

The Izambar Kingdom is a nod to Brunel’s mother, Sophia Kingdom. This cigar comes in a 6¼x54 vitola. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Rosado. The binder comes from Esteli, Nicaragua. The filler is also Nicaraguan but from the volcanic island Ometepe and the northern Jalapa Valley.

The Izambar Blue Ribbon is a wink to the decoration created for promotional purposes by transatlantic shipping companies. Blue Ribbons were awarded for the ships that would link Europe to North America in as few days as possible. Since Brunel was the designer of the first steel propellor ocean steamer, this is a fitting name for the 7½x54 double corona. This cigar is also made in Nicaragua with an Ecuadorian Maduro wrapper. The binder comes from Condega, Nicaragua. The filler comes from Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

There is a famous story that, while trying to impress his children with a magic trick, Brunel almost died. He accidentally dropped a half-sovereign coin in his windpipe, almost making him choke. The Izambar Sovereign draws inspiration from that story. The 5×56 Robusto has an Ecuadorian Maduro wrapper with a binder from Jalapa, Nicaragua. The filler comes from Ometepe and Esteli, both in Nicaragua.



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