Date: July 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Italy gets VegaFina Nicaragua Ometepe. The importer Diadema is finally bringing in the 2019 limited edition VegaFina Nicaragua Ometepe. Diadema is the sole distributor for Habanos. VegaFina is part of the family, as it’s owned by Allied Cigar Corporation SL. Allied Cigars is the group that acquired all of Imperial Brands premium cigar business earlier this year. That includes a 50% stake in Habanos. Plus all international premium cigar business from Altadis. VegaFina is part of the Altadis portfolio.

The cigars will be available at Habanos Specialist in Italy. It’s a Robusto Extra, 5½x54 in size. VegaFina calls this vitola Magnum. A box of VegaFina Nicaragua Ometepe contains ten cigars. The cigars aren’t made in Nicaragua though. VegaFina is produced at Tabacalera de Garcia in La Romana, Dominican Republic. It gets its name from the heavy use of Nicaraguan tobacco. And specifically from tobacco hailing from the volcanic island of Ometepe.


The island measures 276 square kilometers and is located in the southwest of Nicaragua. In the largest lake of Central America, Lake Nicaragua. A sweet water lake famous for being the habitat of sharks. Ometepe is formed by two volcanos, Conception and Maderas. 

While Conception is still active, with the last eruption only ten years ago, Maderas isn’t. Maderas is considered extinct or dormant. The slopes of Maderas is used to grow coffee and tobacco. The volcanic soil is rich in mineral, perfect to grow tobacco. Much of the rest of the island is rainforest and protected as a national park. The island houses little less than 30.000 inhabitants.

Ministry of Cigars - Italy gets VegaFina Nicaragua Ometepe
credit: By Rudyologist – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Popular tobacco

Ometepe tobacco is very popular, but also limited in quantity. Only a small part of the island is used to grow tobacco. With the national park protection, it’s hard to cultivate more land to grow tobacco. Yet Ometepe is the 4th largest tobacco area in Nicaragua. Jalapa, Esteli, and Condega are bigger tobacco-producing areas. And now Italian cigar smokers get to try some more Ometepe tobacco. Because Italy gets VegaFina Nicaragua Ometepe.

Ministry of Cigars - Italy gets VegaFina Nicaragua Ometepe

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