Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Italy gets another Tatuaje Exclusive. Just like last year, Pete Johnson and his distributor in Italy teamed up for an Italy exclusive Tatuaje cigar. And again, it’s in the Fausto family.

Last years release was intended to be a continues production., With an initial release of 200 boxes of ten. Where Johnson said it was a continues release, sources within Lubinski, the Italian distribution company, claimed it was a limited edition. The new Tatuaje Fausto is called Fausto IT MM19. It is a 5⅜x52 robusto.

The blend is the same as the Tatuaje Fausto, except for the wrapper. For the wrapper, Johnson uses a Mexican San Andres. Normally the Fausto spots an Ecuador Habano.

The production is limited to 400 boxes of ten. The 4000 cigars are expected to arrive this summer

The difference between this year’s release and the Tatuaje Fausto V551 is just the size. Last year, Johnson also used a Mexican San Andres wrapper over the Nicaraguan binders and filler. The size was 4¾x48. Slightly smaller and thinner than the 5⅜x52 MM19.

Ministry of Cigars Italy gets another Tatuaje Exclusive

Tatuaje Fausto

Tatuaje Fausto saw the light in 2011. Or maybe even earlier, in 2009. That’s when Johnson created a blend for R. Fields in Honolulu, Hawaii. An all Ligero cigar called the T110. The T was short for thermonuclear because of the strength of the cigar, the 110 was the length. The cigar was such a hit, that Johnson decided to release it a regular production cigar. That became the Fausto line.

Out of respect to R. Fields, he never used the T110 size for the Fausto line. Later a tweaked blend was born under the Fausto Avion name was born. The blend is all Nicaraguan except for the Habano wrapper from Ecuador.

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