Date: March 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Good things come to those who wait they say. And if that’s true, the new La Gloria Cubana Invictos Exclusivo Italia must be a treat. This cigar was announced as part of the 2017 Edicion Regional program but will finally be released next week.

88.000 cigars will be released in ten-count boxes, a number that would be perfectly fitting for a cigar based on the Chinese Zodiac calendar too. The number 8 means happiness, prosperity, success and high social standing in traditional Chinese culture. The La Gloria Cubana Invictos has the exact same size as the Cohiba Robusto, almost 5 inches long and a 50 ring gauge.

The price is set at €12,50 per cigar. As per law, Italian tobacco retailers are not allowed to ship tobacco overseas. If you want these cigars, book a trip to beautiful Italy and get them yourself.

picture credit Sigari e Tabacchi

8 thoughts on “Italian La Gloria Cubana coming

  1. remains an open question,why Habanos should mimics other producing countries,when it should dictate the law.It is easier and with less defective to roll large sized cigars.But this is how the havana cigars are distorted.

    1. To dictate you have to be the best, unfortunately Habanos is lacking. And then you become a follower, even if you still have the majority of the market

  2. I’ve never heard of a passionate connoisseur expert lover of cuban cigars prefer the large ceppo species short and squat.Part Churchill and double corona all prefer ceppo 38-42.But you know habanos s.a. hates puro’s lovers and experts,but loves rich and carefree beginners

    1. Sirs, the reason they make fat ones is one and simple. The rollers can not do slim ones. They come plugged. They loose time and they can not educate all rollers. The roller if is not a smoker ,he can not make slim ones.
      The other reason of heavy gauge is they come more expensive.
      The good on heavy ring is what they can do complex blends. In a ring at 30 you need the come to for burn. Where u put seco and ligero? No space.
      All cigarillo is only volado

      1. Most flavor comes from the wrapper anyway. So a slim cigar is more dynamic than a fat cigar, where you smoke more filler which usually has way less flavor than the wrapper.

    2. Instead of trendsetters, Habanos became a trend follower, following the big ring gauges for the American market.

  3. Yet another robusto!If only they still did the series Medalla de Oro,delicado,long panatela and the delicious dalia…but not yet those hateful and generic ceppo 50 and over.Yes i know they do not know them anymore.So sad!

    1. At least it’s not bigger. But I prefer <50 too. Lonsdale, lancero those kind of vitolas

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