Date: August 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Is there hope? Is the anti-smoke movement overstepping and are people getting tired of it? More and more stupid and harsh legislation is introduced. And Dayton, Ohio even announced that they won’t hire smokers. That could be a lawsuit waiting to happen, as it is discrimination. And America is the country of crazy lawsuits.

But there is hope. More and more people, including non-smokers, are getting fed up with nanny-state regulations concerning smoking. That the majority of the populations, the non-smokers, are dictating the behavior of the minority is something that the 19th-century political scientist Alexis de Tocqueville characterizes as the tyranny of the majority. And who likes tyranny? More smokers and non-smokers are starting to voice that legislation is pushing too far. Civil rights are in danger.

Pushback in The Netherlands

In The Netherlands, the national railway announced that they want to make all railway stations smoke free. At every outdoor platform, there’s a small dedicated smoke area, and they want to dismantle them. The largest railway union quickly replied that it’s ridiculous. They fear that smoking railway employees will be discriminated against. And a few months ago a majority of the respondents to a questionnaire said legislation is an overreach.

The 19th-century liberal philosopher John Stuart Mill claimed that governments should only forbid things that cause others harm. And smoking isn’t causing others harm. Smoke rises, so everybody else on the railway platform is safe from the smoke of that cigarette. Frank Hindriks is a professor of ethical and social-political studies. He’s an ex-smoker yet in a page-long article in one of the major national newspapers he recently voiced against the smoke-free generation. It’s huge government overreach. That it’s a totalitarian idea and that is feeding the idea that smokers are a lesser kind of humans.

Australian anti-tobacco lobbyists speaks out against new legislation

And he’s not the only one. Professor Simon Chapman, a well known anti-smoke activist from Australia, spoke out against new legislation in North Sydney. North Sydney Mayor Jilly Gibson pushed her agenda in making North Sydney smoke free. And she outright banned smoking on public streets. And that goes too far for Chapman, who’s dubbed is ‘head of the nanny state’ by smokers in Australia. If a fierce anti-smoke activist is speaking out against new legislation, you know that public opinion is about to change.

According to Chapman, the regulation goes too far and that legislators are ill-informed. A few quotes from his lengthy blogpost are “So if it’s not a health issue it simply comes down to banning something because we don’t like it. So do we just start banning things we don’t like?” he said. “I don’t like hip-hop music but I would never try to stop people playing it in public. The same goes for certain types of dogs or even certain people’s body odors.” According to Chapman, the smoke ban is unethical.

Ministry of Cigars - is there hope?
‘head of the nanny state’ Simon Chapman

Civil liberties are at stake. Worldwide. And we, tobacco users, will get support from people who protect civil liberties. And we, as cigar smokers, should emphasize on that when we speak out against legislation as well. Show legislators that they are no Kim Yung Un or any other dictator. Civil liberties are a constitutional right in most countries. And that we just enjoy a legal product.

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