Date: November 2018
Author: Inspector Z

Iron Shirt Small Batch Cigars. Last month we wrote about the Iron Shirt small batch. That’s a Nicaraguan cigar. A limited-edition made for Schuster Zigarren from Germany. That was pretty much all that Schuster Zigarren was ready to reveal. Now we know a little more.

The details

The cigars are a small batch for a reason. Only 800 boxes are available to the limited availability of the rare tobacco. The cigars are a tribute to heroes. Heroes are brave, wise, fearless, and always act with good intentions. They fight for freedom and stand by their rights and beliefs unconditionally. With eloquence, courage, and understanding, they overcome their own and foreign boundaries. They reinvent their world again and again. 

Heroes do not always wear a red cape. Neither do they have green skin color or very great superpowers. No, they often just carry a heavy bag for somebody else or bring a lost teddy back home. Heroes are everywhere. Sometimes it’s enough to take a single step to be a role model to others. Become a role model too, overcome your limits, and stand up for what happens. Because enjoyment knows no boundaries. And for all those heroes, there is an iron shirt cigar.

Ministry of Cigars - Iron Shirt Small Batch Cigars

The production

Iron Shirt cigars are made in a small, undisclosed, factory in Nicaragua. The filler comes from Nicaragua and Brazil. Especially the Brazilian filler is of a rare kind. The wrapper is a high-quality Mata Fine from Brazil as well. The cigars, which only come in one size, come in a beautiful metal box. Once sold out, they are sold out. The cigars are available in New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Austria, and Switzerland for sure. If they become available in other markets we will report back.

Ministry of Cigars - Iron Shirt Small Batch Cigars

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