October 2018

Iron Shirt cigars coming to Denmark. At the Intertabac trade show, Schuster Zigarren showed a new limited edition cigar line called Iron Shirt. We published that Schuster Zigarren is releasing them in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and possibly New Zealand. But another country adds itself to the list. Føniks Cigar Import is adding the cigars to its portfolio.

Iron Shirt Cigars 

Little is known about the brand. Just that it is a limited edition of about 800 boxes due to the amount of Brazilian tobacco available. Schuster bought Mata Fina tobacco in Brazil. The company then transported it to Nicaragua to age. At the factory of an undisclosed partner, they blended Iron Shirt Cigars. Even though Schuster produces cigars in Germany, they don’t roll this. The production takes place in Nicaragua. 

The wrapper of the cigars are Mata Fina, some of the Mata Fina is used in the filler as well combined with Nicaraguan tobacco. Since Schuster and RoMa Craft have a close relationship we suspected that the cigars would be made there, but Annemarie Schuster just told us that they used another factory for this project.

This is an easy text. A text to get the reading ease to above 60. Firstly to score better. Secondly to end higher in search results. Cigars come from the Caribbean. They use dried tobacco to roll cigars.

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