Date: September 2018
Author: Inspector Z

Intertabac 2018 Kafie Cigars. Dr. Gaby Kafie produces cigars in Honduras. At Tabacalera Kafie y Cia he’s not only producing cigars for himself. He’s also rolling cigars for a limited number of private labels. At Intertabac 2018, Dr. Gaby Kafie introduced himself to us and our readers. He talks us through his lines of cigars.

Kafie 1901

At Intertabac 2018 Kafie Cigars explains that 1901 isn’t a number chosen because it sounds cool. It’s the year when the Kafie legacy in Honduras started. Dr. Gaby’s grandfather landed in Honduras in that year. To commemorate that special moment, and to honor his grandparents, 1901 is in the brand name.

The Kafie 1901 line comes in four different blends. There is a version with a Mexican San Andres wrapper. The next cigar is a Maduro. That line has a second name, Kafie 1901 Don Fernando. Again this is a tribute to Dr. Kafie’s grandfather, Fernando Kafie. A Sumatra version and a Connecticut Shade version are also available.

San Jeronimo

San Jeronimo is the oldest brand from Honduras. The family that started the brand sold the rights to Kafie Cigars two years ago. Since then, the production takes place at Tabalera Kafie. After tweaking the blends, Kafie Cigars is introducing them to the world.

At Intertabac 2018, Kafie Cigars shows the San Jeronimo Connecticut, Habano, and Maduro. All the wrappers come from Ecuador. But for the rest of the blend, Kafie Cigars focuses on showcasing Honduran tobacco.

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