September 2018

Intertabac 2018 Cigsor accessories. At the trade show in Dortmund, there is more than just cigars. There are accessories too. Wes spotted this cool new accessory. It is a perfect tool for those that are away from home often. It’s called Cigsor and is made in Switzerland.

Cigsor Sensor

Every cigar smoker knows that keeping your cigars in optimal conditions helps to preserve them. But you can’t watch your hygrometer all the time. Especially not when you’re away from home. Or worse, when you’re away from home for a prolonged time. Either for leisure or for work. Cigsor solves that.

Cigsor continuously keeps track of humidity levels inside your humidor. Their sensor ​regularly measures humidity and temperature and sends all values to the linked app. It will automatically notify you when values are outside set limits. And it can even send out a pre-alert on the basis of a forecast of humidity levels in your humidor.

Ministry of Cigars - Intertabac 2018 Cigsor Accessories
the three different Cigsor sensors

The sensors

There are three sensor options. Those are the classic with a 100% anodized aluminum body. This sensor weighs 122 grams. Then there is the Premium, made with a 100% massive stainless steel body. With a weight of 338 grams, this is a heavier option. And then there is an 18-carat gold plated version. That is the luxury version. The Luxury can be engraved with a personal text or logo if desired. It’s the heaviest of the three with a weight of 360 grams.

All three sensors are the same size. They measure 178×24.7 mm. That’s the size of a 7×60 Gordo Extra if you want to compare it to a cigar. The sensors connect to the app using WLAN 801.11 b/g/n (2.4G). They are fully calibrated. The expected battery life is a year to a year and a half. The sensors sync with the app once every hour.

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