September 2018

Intertabac 2018 Bespoke Cigars & Smoking Jacket. At the Intertabac trade show we ran into Jeremy Casdagli from Bespoke and Hendrik Kelner Jr from Smoking Jacket, who gladly showed us their offerings, including the new Bespoke Daughters of the Wind.

Kelner Boutique Factory

Hendrik Kelner is the son of the legendary Henke. Hendrik runs his own factory. The Kelner Boutique Factory in the Dominican Republic. He’s responsible for several brands. Principe produces cigars at his factory. Most Bespoke cigars come from Kelner Boutique Factory. But Kelner is also creating cigars for himself. Under the name smoking jacket.

Ministry of Cigars - Intertabac 2018 Bespoke & Smoking Jacket
Hendrik Kelner and Jeremy Casdagli at the Kelner Boutique Factory

At Intertabac 2018 Bespoke Cigars introduced a new line. A line made in Costa Rica. That’s the daughters of the wind line. The line draws its name from an old Arab poem. The poem is about Arabian horses. The ancestors of Jeremy Casdagli were breeding horses in the Middle East around the turn of the last century.

The Daughters of the Wind line comes with a complete series of accessories. These include cutters, lighters, and a top-notch humidor.

This is an easy text. A text to get the reading ease to above 60. Firstly to score better. Secondly to end higher in search results. Cigars come from the Caribbean. They are made from dried tobacco. 

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