Date: May 2019
Author: Inspector Z

International enjoy a cigar day. It’s crazy, there are so many ‘international’ days on the calendar that we might need a 700 day year soon. That’s because the United Nations creates so many of them.

The United Nations does it to create attention for topics that don’t get the attention they deserve. And with that in mind, Cigar Rights of Europe and Cigar Rights of America created ‘international enjoy a cigar day’. 31st of May 2018 was the first international enjoy a cigar day, so 2019 is the second version.

So today, grab your best cigar and start puffing. Post your pictures online and hashtag #internationalenjoyacigarday. Include Cigar Rights of America and Cigar Rights of Europe in your hashtags too. And join if you can.

Ministry of Cigars international enjoy a cigar day

Why the international day?

The two grassroots organizations want to draw attention to a few points. Those are that cigars are a luxury product. Not a habit. And that cigars are smoked by adults as an indulgence. The second point is that cigars are a natural product, unlike other uses of tobacco such as cigarettes.

They also want to explain that the enjoyment of cigars can contribute to one’s personal wellbeing by offering moments of solace, contemplation, and fellowship. The Cigar Rights movements further mention that premium cigars should not be treated in the same way as cigarettes. The cigar industry provides thousands of jobs in agriculture, commerce and industry in countries that are on the wrong side of the economic scale. And that cigar producers and resellers support the community and support charities. Charities such as Pronica and the Cigar Family Charity Foundation by Arturo Fuente.

As far as freedom goes, both organizations stated that private property owners, be it retail tobacconists or establishments in the hospitality sector, should have the liberty to set their own rules for the enjoyment of cigars. It should not be regulated by any government. And their ultimate goal is to get a world heritage status for the cigar culture.

Cigar Rights movements

Cigar Rights of America is fighting for the freedom of the American cigar aficionado. They lobby, both locally and in Washington D.C. And if necessary, they take the federal government to court.

The European Cigar Rights is a young organization. Their goal is to do the same for Europe. Educate politicians on the difference between cigars and cigarettes. Fight legislation by lobbying, and create a cigar friendly Europe.

There is no Cigar Rights of Asia yet. So Asian cigar distributors, retailers, and aficionados organize. Combine your powers, team up with Cigar Rights of America and Cigar Rights of Europe. And make it a global fight against nanny regulations. Cigar smokers are not children and should not be treated that way.

Ministry of Cigars International enjoy a cigar day

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