April 2019

Indian Motorcycles Connecticut for Canada. Debonaire House, the parent of Indian Motorcycle Cigars, announced the news yesterday. The cigar is created in cooperation with the Canadian distributor Brigham 1906

The cigars come in boxes of twenty. It is a lighter colored box than the regular Indian Motorcycles cigars. And the cigars have a foot ring, with the name Canada. The cigars will be available in two sizes. Those are a 5×50 Robusto and a 6×52 Toro. The cigars are produced in the Dominican Republic. Tabacalera De Los Reyes is responsible for the production. They make the other Indian Motorcycles cigars too, as well as Debonaire.

Ministry of Cigars Indian Motorcycles Connecticut for Canada
Indian Motorcycle Connecticut Canada exclusive

Indian Motorcycles

Zanghi reintroduced Indian Motorcycles to the cigar market in 2015. In de 1990s, he first launched the brand as Indian Tobac. That was a partnership with Rocky Patel. In a later stage, Zanghi sold his stake in the business to Patel. A few years later, Patel changed the name of the company and phased the Indian Tobac name out. When Zanghi returned to the premium cigar business, it felt natural to purchase the license for Indian Motorcycles. That’s because there is a historical connection between Zanghi and the motorcycle brand. In the past, his father was the owner of the brand for some time.

The Indian Motorcycles Connecticut will be launched in May. Zanghi will be traveling to Canada for introduction events. Besides the Canada Exclusive Indian Motorcycles Connecticut, the brand has a Maduro and a Habano blend. Both come on four sizes. Those are Robusto (5×50), Toro (6×52), Churchill (7½x50), and Gordo (6×58). If the Canadian Exclusive will see a Churchill and Gordo is yet undecided.

Other offerings from Debonaire House are the Debonaire Cigars. They come in three blends, Daybrake, Maduro, and Habano. The company also sells rums under the Debonaire flag.

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