July 2019

Illusione is soon available in the United Kingdom. Last February, the company from Reno, Nevada released a press statement announcing Davidoff to be their distributor in six European markets. The United Kingdom is one of those markets. And distribution will start after the Intertabac trade show in September.

Davidoff Distributors confirmed to us that the distribution will start in the final quarter of this year. And with four different cigars, from two different lines. All smaller sizes due to the tax by weight on tobacco products in Great Britain. According to our source, that system makes the larger, heavier, cigars too expensive to be successful.

Epernay & Fume D’Amour

Ten years ago, Dion Giolito decided to create a cigar that would pair well with champagne. He based it on the Illusione ~eccj~, a cigar he created for the European Cigar Cult Journal. That magazine is now known as Cigar Journal. The name Illusione Epernay Serie 2009 is inspired by the Champagne region in France. The blend included Nicaraguan Corojo 99 and Criollo 98 tobaccos. The wrapper is Corojo Cafe Rosado from AAA quality. From this line, the 4½x44 Le Petit and the 5¼x48 Le Ferme will be released in the United Kingdom


The Fume D’Amour uses a lot of the same tobaccos as the Illusione Epernay but from lower priming. That creates a different blend. The wrapper is Corojo, and the rest of the blend includes Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo as well. From the Fume D’Amour, two sizes are picked for distribution. Those are the 5×50 Viejos and the 5⅝x46 Conceptions.

At this stage, the Davidoff Distributors spokesperson could not reveal if any other Illusione blend would be added to the line-up. Decisions about that have not been made yet. The exact launch date will still have to be confirmed.

Ministry of Cigars Illusione soon available in the United Kingdom
photo credit: corona cigars
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