Date: May 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Illusione cigars coming to Norway. The brand and the distributor Nordic Cigars confirmed the deal. And with that, Illusione adds another country to the list of European countries where they are represented. Earlier this year, the company announced distribution in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg. The cigars are also on the market in The Netherlands.


The brand was started by longtime cigar aficionado and retailer Dion Giolito. He sold the cigars in his shop Fumare in Reno, Nevada. The cigars got attention from Cigar Aficionado and became highly desired. The company extended lines and created new blends. And 15 years after the initial launch, the cigars are still in high demand. With Norway, another country is added to the growing list of international markets.

There are several brands available under the Illusione umbrella. Those are Illusione in three versions. Those are the Candela, Maduro and Original Documents. Recently OneOff was added. The Cruzado and the Epernay 2009 are modern classics. Then there are the Ultra, Haut 10, Singulare, Fume D’Amour, Rothchildes, Cuchillos Cubanos, Garagiste, Gigantes, Cigares Prive, and ECCJ.

In the first years, the Illusione cigars were produced at Raices Cubanas in Honduras. But nowadays most of the cigars are made in Nicaragua. Only the Epernay and the Original Documents Candela are made in Honduras. All the other lines come from TABSA.

Ministry of Cigars Illusione cigars are coming to Norway

Nordic Cigars

Nordic Cigars is a relatively new company. Their focus is on boutique brands for the Norwegian market. They recently introduced RoMa Craft Cornelius & Anthony, Jas Sum Kral, Fratello, and El Artista. The company expects to launch Protocol later his year. Caldwell Cigars is on the list for 2020. And now Illusione cigars coming to Norway with Nordic. Nordic Cigars also works closely with other distributors in Norway, to offer the best possible selection to cigar smokers in the country.

Nordic Cigars has not revealed which lines they will carry. Once they are ready to be released, we will update the story.

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