October 2023

The UK is poised for a significant event this autumn. On November 1st, the eminent Por Larrañaga Larrañaga 47 Edición Regional Reino Unido will make its debut. But what makes this unveiling exceptional is its scale: 47 distinguished events across the nation, each a testament to the cigar’s prestige.

The 7 x 47 Churchill cigar is not merely another addition to the market; it’s an embodiment of tradition and finesse. It holds the distinction of being a pioneering release for the venerable Por Larrañaga brand, offering aficionados a blend of historical craftsmanship and unparalleled innovation.

Each Larrañaga 47, priced at a refined £76 ($92.10), will be encased in meticulously designed cabinets of 50, with a total price tag of £3,638. The exclusivity is further accentuated by the limited production run of only 1,500 boxes.

To provide context, the Edición Regional program by Habanos S.A. permits global distributors to annually champion a unique cigar for their respective regions. The program’s essence is uniqueness: the selected cigar must hail from a brand outside the firm’s erstwhile “Global Brands” and introduce a size previously unexplored by the brand. Marked by a distinctive red and silver band bearing the “Edición Regional” inscription, these cigars are symbols of rare distinction. The Larrañaga 47 has been judiciously chosen as a member of the 2021 program roster.

The event’s orchestration is in the capable hands of Hunters & Frankau, the UK’s esteemed Cuban cigar distributor. They have scheduled 47 individual events, each commencing at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 1. The chosen venues span select cigar shops and other elite locales. This strategic approach, reminiscent of the approach taken for the Ramón Allones Allones No.2 in August 2020, is being branded as the #PL47launch.

To further enhance this luxurious affair, attendees will be graced with a glass of the distinguished Hine Cigar Reserve Cognac, a perfect pairing for their Larrañaga 47.

In sum, for those who value craftsmanship, tradition, and a touch of modern exclusivity, this event stands unparalleled.

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