Date: March 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Dominique Gyselinck and Frederic Dechamps are a Belgian power couple that owns several tobacco shops. They are most famous for the La Casa del Habano in Knokke and Ghent Belgium but also own La Casa del Tabaco shops which sell Non-Cuban cigars too. At the 18th Festival de la Habano, Gyselinck became ‘Hombre del Habano’ and a year later Davidoff awarded her with a golden band award.

Unhappy with the availability and quality of the sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity in humidors, Gyselinck and her team decided to create a brand new product, including a new app. And it’s released now. The sensor is housed in a small plastic housing, which also included a wifi receiver and transmitter. The sensor connects to the app, which you can download for free. For Android phones the app is available at the play store, iPhone users can download the app from the La Casa del Tabaco website. Apple has removed all tobacco related apps from the app store in the recent passt.

Once the sensor is linked to the app and the wifi, it will transmit the humidity and temperature in your humidor every eight hours. If the sensor detects values over or under a critical limit, it will send a warning to your phone. And if you have more than one humidor? Don’t worry, you can add as many sensors to your app as you want, unlimited.

Ministry of Cigars LCDT Sensor stock app
The sensor

The app also comes with a free option to manage your stock. You can add cigars to your personal database and keep track of your priced collection of brown gold.

We will be doing a product review of the LCDT sensor in the near future since Dominique was so kind as to provide us with one. We are currently testing it, keep an eye out for our verdict in a few weeks.

11 thoughts on “Humidor sensor and app from La Casa del Tabaco

  1. So I just got one and it was reading back pretty accurate info on temp and humidity for about 4 months and then it just stopped. Ugh. I had it in my Aristocrat Humidor so I kept it in accordance to their reading. Any info yet???? It’s almost 2020.

    1. We did a review on it on September 1st. It’s accurate, but while traveling through Europe, ours stopped working too. We took it out, put it back in and it worked again for a few weeks.

  2. Another month has passed. No review yet?

    1. Nope, turns out I had humidity issues, need to fix those before I can post pictures and videos. Otherwise I look like a fool 😉 But it’s a testament that the sensor works.

  3. Very interesting sensor compared to many others. What are the specifications regarding accuracy of temperature and humidity? And is it only measuring once every 8 hours, or is it measuring continuously and then syncing the data every 8 hours? The LCDT website has no information on this. When can we expect the review?

    1. We are still testing it, and moving it between a few different humidors

      1. Can you already provide any answers on my questions? This is now keeping me from buying one.

        1. Sorry not yet. Except for the once every 8 hours, that’s correct

          1. Also, the temperature and humidity sensor seems to be the (Swiss designed and produced) Sensirion SHT21. Source: (by Gurpal Bhogal – now Technical Director at Mesh-Net).

          2. Since LCDT could not give me clear specifications either, I have searched and found the probable manufacturer. Started originally as a Kickstarter project ( ) it is now offered (but not for sale) by Mesh-Net ( and ). I assume most specifications of this WiCub are identical to the one offered by LCDT. Apparently LCDT worked together with Mesh-Net to adapt the WiCub slightly and create the LCDT smartphone app, since the WiCub standard offering is to send data in a daily e-mail with measurements every 15 minutes.

          3. Good investigative work

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