Date: January 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Humidity test event in Zigarrenwelt, the renowned tobacconist in Koln, Germany. For this event, the people behind the store came up with a great experiment. Together with the founder and inventor of CigarSpa, Kurt Steinborn. During the event, participants get to smoke two cigars. The cigars are stored under different humidity levels. Through an evaluation form, a winner will be chosen. At the end of the night, the humidity levels of both cigars will be revealed.


Almost twenty years ago, German engineer Kurt Steinborn invented the CigarSpa. This small device slowly releases distilled water through a special membrane into the humidor. That way, CigarSpa creates the perfect environment for your cigars. The humidity levels can be altered to your personal preference, between 55% and 75%. The CigarSpa is battery operated but uses low amounts of energy so the battery lasts for a minimum of three years. 

The event

Tickets for this event are available at the Zigarrenwelt website. A ticket is 19 Euro and includes 2 cigars, a glass of rum, some appetizers and unlimited mineral water. The event takes place on the 6th of February and it starts at 7 PM in Zigarrenwelt.


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