October 2020

Hooligans in the alps. It’s only October, yet hooligans booked a vacation to the Swiss alps for early spring. The annual limited edition from Alec Bradley, Filthy Hooligan, is confirmed for the Central European country. The Alec Bradley distributor Royal Cigar Company is taking pre-orders to ensure they have enough boxes allocated by Alec Bradley Cigars. This is the 8th time that Alec Bradley releases the Filthy Hooligans.

St Patricks day cigars

Ireland is green, and green is the color of Saint Patrick’s Day. The Chicago River turns green, you can buy green beer, green food, and green everything. So in 2013, Alec Bradley added a green cigar to it. The cigar with a Candela wrapper got the name Filthy Hooligan. The name Hooligan finds its origin in an 1890 song about a rowdy Irish fictional family, although other sources claim it comes from an Irish bouncer and thief, Patrick Hoolihan. The name was supposed to be Dirty Hooligan, but on request of Drew Estate, who uses Dirty for the Dirty Rat, Alec Bradley changed the name.

The first two years, the Alec Bradley Filthy Hooligan was plain green. But then the cigar became a two-tone barber pole cigar. In our opinion, that improved the flavor of the cigars as well. From the start, the cigars always were released in a 6×50 Toro size. The packaging is a green version of the famous Alec Bradley Black Market box. The blend is based on the Black Market as well.

Ministry of Cigars - Hooligans in the alps


For a few years, there is an even prettier barber pole available for Saint Patrick’s Day. Not with two wrappers, but with three. This one is called Shamrock, to keep the Irish theme alive. The Shamrock also comes in a 6×50 size. The Swiss tobacconists can pre-order these cigars as well. Where the Filthy Hooligan comes in boxes of 22, the Shamrock comes in boxes of 10.

Every year, Alec Bradley releases the cigars in February to ensure they are on the shelves before Saint Patrick’s Day. This year won’t be any different. Don’t call or visit Swiss cigar shops next week expecting to see the cigars on the shelves. That will take a few months. But the distributor is taking orders now, so they can supply every interested Swiss tobacconist when the cigars are released.

Ministry of Cigars - Hooligans in the alps

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