Date: December 2019
Author: Inspector Z

History lessons from Oscar Valladares. The cigar manufacturer has paid tribute to his ancestors, his culture and history before in his creations. And he’s doing it again with the release of the Altar Q in Europe. The Altar Q is based on the Mayan culture, a culture that gives Valladares a lot of inspiration.

Mayan culture

It’s a reference to that culture that got Vallarades recognition in the first place. Inspired by the Mayan culture, Valladares created a cigar for the turning point in 2012. That was an important day in Mayan culture and the end of a cycle. Some people expected the world to end. Valladares created a cigar for the event, and instead of cellophane, he used unfermented tobacco to protect the cigar. That’s the way the Mayans would have done it. That packaging was used for the Leaf by Oscar as well, which launched Oscar Valladares into cigar stardom.

For the Altar Q, Valladares looked at the Mayan culture again. During the Mayan era, there was a temple for the kings in the Copan region. And Valladares uses tobacco from Copan. Valladares explained “Every king built his temple on top of the other and in total there are 16 kings. So the box is a replica of an altar at the ruins of Copán called Altar Q.”. The packaging shows the kinds on the sides. And a box holds 16 cigars, one for each king. And all come with their own band. The cigar is made out of Honduran tobacco with an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. It only comes in a 6×52 Toro.

But it’s not only the Mayan culture that inspires Valladares. He loves music and musical history too. So he created the Superfly, with a nod to the 1970s funk and disco. The three sized line comes in a 1970s pimp style box, including purple velvet on the inside of the lid. Unfortunately, these cigars haven’t been released globally yet.

Ministry of Cigars - History lessons from Oscar Valladares



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