Date: February 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Hiram & Solomon back in Germany. Last year, the distribution agreement between Hiram & Solomon and its distributor Passion Puro ended. But now the Freemason cigars are back on the German market. The distributor Casagrande cigars GMBH is the new distribution partner for Hiram & Solomon.

Hiram & Solomon

Two cigar-loving freemasons, Nasir Dakrat and Fouad Kashouty discovered that there weren’t any freemason cigars available on the market. So they founded Hiram & Solomon, a cigar connected to the freemasons. All the cigars carry the freemason crest on the design of the artwork. And all the blends have names connected to the organization. In true freemason spirit, part of the proceeds of the company goes to charity.

For the introduction of the brand, Casagrande Cigars GMBH picked three lines. Those are the Entered Apprentice, Traveling Man and Master Mason. The Entered Apprentice is made with fillers from Nicaragua, Paraguay and Pennsylvania, USA. The binder is Honduran, just like the Connecticut Shade wrapper. The Traveling man is made with tobacco from Nicaragua, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. The binder is Indonesian, just as the Sumatra wrapper. The Master Mason blend uses all Nicaraguan tobacco as fillers. The binder is Indonesian Sumatra with a Habano Maduro wrapper.

Ministry of Cigars Hiram & Solomon back in Germany

Casagrande Cigars GMBH

The new distributor isn’t new in the cigar industry. Werner Casagrande has been around for many years. He represents Horacio cigars as well, a European brand that has been around since 2008. First as a Costa Rican brand, but nowadays produced in Nicaragua. And Casagrande represents the Costa Rican brand Vegas de Santiago on the German market as well. Hiram & Solomon is the latest addition to the family.

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