Date: August 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Hiram and Solomon at Tabakado Meet & Greet. Both Nasir Dakrat and Fouad Kashouty are confirmed for the event on Sunday, September 15 in Valkenswaard. The event takes place at Het Oude Wandelpark from noon till late. It’s organized by the renowned tobacconist Tabakado from the nearby city of Eindhoven. Eindhoven is the home of Philips, the electronics giant, inventor of the fluorescent lighting and the compact disc.

Hiram & Solomon

The brand saw the light after freemasons Nasir Dakrat and Fouad Kashouty discovered that there wasn’t any freemason cigar on the market. Or anything carrying the square and compass on the ring. So they created Hiram & Solomon, and use the freemason crest on all of their cigars. And all of their cigars have names connected to the freemason organization. They are named ‘Entered Apprentice’, ‘Fellow Craft’, ‘Master Mason’, ‘Shriner’, ‘Traveling Man’, and ‘Veiled Prophet’. We reviewed the Hiram & Solomon Traveling Man Gran Toro recently. And within the freemason spirit, Hiram & Solomon donates part of their profits to charity, to support the community. If you have a charity, whether it is connected to the freemasons or not, you can request a donation on their website.

Ministry of Cigars Hiram and Solomon at Tabakado Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet 2019

The tobacconistTabakado in Eindhoven has been hosting the Meet & Greet for a few years now. And it is one of the biggest cigar events in The Netherlands. Tickets are available for €90 at Tabakado. That includes cigars from the representing companies and a barbecue. Cafe Restaurant Het Oude Wandelpark is a great location for a cigar event like this. The guest list for this year included Philip Zanghi from Debonaire, Jeremy Casdagli from Casdagli Cigars, Hadi & Bachir Habib from Dapper. Also confirmed are David Davtian from Davtian Cigars, Juan Lopez from Gurkha Cigars, Jan Vistisen from Royal Danish Cigars, and David Blanco from Blanco Cigars. 

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