Date: November 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Henk releases two more limitadas. Last week we brought the news that the German luxury travel ware and accessory brand is releasing the first of two limited editions. The Henk Maori Gaudini, in a beautiful 3D printed five-pack with a designated slot for a Boveda pack to preserve the cigars. Now there is more news. The number of limited editions increased to three. The other two Limitadas are ready to ship to retailers as well.

Just like the Henk Maori Gaudini, the two other releases are coming from Nicaragua. From Tabacalera A. J. Fernandez Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua. And for these two cigars, blenders Heiko Poerz, Didier v Houvenaghel, and Abdel Fernandez went with just Nicaraguan tobacco. A true puro again. Without a band, HENK Maori cigars always come without a band. They all have a Maori design tattoo on the wrapper itself. Much like Oliva Cigars did with the first two Masterblend editions.

Ministry of Cigars - Henk releases two more limitadas

Gaudi & Willy

The first release, that we could announce last week is the Gaudini. A smaller version of the HENK Maori Gaudi. A review of the HENK Maori Gaudi can be read here. The Gaudi is a figurado with a 5×56 size. It comes in that special 5 count box with integrated Boveda humidification. There are only 500 boxes available. There are also 250 refill packages available. A refill package contains 10 cigars. The fixed price in Germany is 180 Euro for a 5 pack of 360 for a refill pack. That makes each cigar 36 euro. For our review, we had to estimate the price and we set it to 50 euro. We adjusted that in our review and for the annual ‘price/quality’ top 25.

The HENK Maori WIlly is a 5×50 Robusto. What goes for the Gaudini and Gaudi goes for the Willy as well. It is a Nicaraguan puro from rare leaves that receive extra aging. The same trio is responsible for the blending. A.J. Fernandez makes the cigars in his factory. Again, no bands but a Maori tattoo on the wrapper itself. The Willy comes in the same style 5 count boxes with integrated Boveda humidification. The boxes are specific to each size cigar. There are only 500 of the HENK Maori Willy boxes available. But just like the Gaudi, 250 refill packages will be available as well. The price for a 5-count box is 140 euros in Germany. The refill packages are 280 Euro.

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