November 2020

Henk releases the first edicion limitada of 2020. The first out of two, both that get their name from the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi is responsible for the design of a lot of buildings in Barcelona. But his Opus Magnus and the building that still makes him famous almost a century after his death is the La Sagrada Familia. Construction started in 1882, and the basilisk is expected to be completed in 2026, exactly 100 years after Gaudi’s death.

Henk Gaudini

The first of the two edicion limitada cigars that draw inspiration from Gaudi is the Henk Gaudini. It is a 3½x55 Short Robusto. The Gaudini is a Nicaraguan puro, from the hands of master blenders A.J. Fernandez and Didier v Houvenaghel. All the tobacco is from the 2009 harvest. Only 5000 of these short robustos are available. And Henk wouldn’t be Henk if the packaging wasn’t something special.

Henk owner Heiko Poerz created a 3D printed box with 5 Henk Gaudini cigars and a slot for a Boveda humidity pack. That way the box also doubles as a travel humidor. The black box has the Henk Maori tribal logo in bright gold. The same logo comes back on the cigars, as a tattoo rather than a cigar band. The price for a box is set to €90 in Germany. Prices in other countries may vary due to taxation.

Henk Gaudi

The second edicion limitada is a 5×60 Figurado. That one carries the name Henk Gaudi. We published a review of a pre-release version of the cigar last September. When the Henk Gaudi will be released is still a bit of a mystery. Poerz told us that he’s working on some very special packaging, but asked us not to publish any details yet. Or course we honor that request but as soon as we get the green light from Henk, we will publish another article.

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  1. Who will be stocking this cigar? I must get a box!

    1. cigar world in Dusseldorf
      Dalay Zigarren in Stuttgart

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