Date: December 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Henk releases smaller cigarbone travel humidors. Recently the German luxury design brand, known for its luxurious travelogs released the Cigarbone. That unique and well-designed travel humidor is made to carry six 7½x60 cigars. It can also carry your cutter and lighter.

The smart design of the travel humidors makes it possible to extract the inner workings and opt to bring just the tube for 3 cigars. It comes with a built-in ashtray and the design of the humidor doubles as a cigar rest. It’s watertight, so you can bring it for a day on the water without being afraid to drop it.

Now the Cigarbone RT makes its debut. This is a smaller version for cigars up to 6¼ inch long. The regular release comes in the same colors as the original Cigarbone. Those are black, saddle brown, and camouflage. But Henk wouldn’t be Henk if it wouldn’t offer customization. The prices for the Cigarbone RT are € 368 for the black and saddle ones. The camouflage version is € 398. The larger versions are €30 more expensive.

In January a new version will be released. The Cigarbone Puro Nero. These are only available in black, with only one solid aluminum lid. The prices for the Cigarbone Puro Nero are €198 for the large one and €168 for the RT.

Ministry of Cigars - Cigarbone Puro Negro

Henk Snow White Attache

Heiko Poerz, CEO of Henk, also presented a new Henk Snow White Carbon Attache. This is a white carbon fiber attache briefcase. The attache is finished with 24-carat gold and Alcantara interior with gold stitching. Now as we are a cigar website, we would not mention it if it didn’t have a humidor. But it does, a carbon fiber humidor is integrated into this unique briefcase.


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