Date: December 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Henk Cigars and Marc Andre collaborate on a Henk Maori humidor. The luxury brand and the world-renowned humidor builder have created a limited edition bespoke Maori humidor. Only twelve humidors have been made for this exclusive release.

The Maori humidor

The humidors have been made from Spanish cedar, mahogany, carbon fiber, reindeer leather, and 24ct gold. Carbon fiber is one of the signature materials for the luxury suitcases of Henk. Even the lids on the Henk cigar boxes are made from carbon fiber. The humidor has a classic shape with the Henk Maori logo pressed into the leather. But if you decide to have a logo inside, it’s possible to customize the humidor.

Marc Andre and Heiki Poerz came up with a design that allows both the storage of single cigars or boxes. Marc Andre uses a unique tray system with round holes and matching mahogany pins that allow you to create dividers according to your needs. It also allows the air to circulate better compared to regular dividers. The humidor holds up to 300 cigars.

The flexible subdivision allows cigars to be sorted longitudinally and transversely, making optimal use of space. At the same time, the air circulation is maintained, as the humid air from the lower Humidor section can pull everywhere through the vacant holes of the tray bottom up.

Due to the generous dimensions, you can store up to 6 complete boxes under the tray (combined 25-pieces semi-plain box and small cabinet boxes). The magnetically adhering separating pins also enables individual storage in the lower humidor area.


The MAORI is delivered with the electronically controlled humidification system Hydrocase by Marc André. Also, a passive evaporator is included, which is attached to the left of the Hydrocase on the rear wall. This serves for the first 2-3 months, in which the wood still stores much moisture, as an increase in the evaporation surface. After a few months, this humidifier can be removed. Since humid air is lighter than dry and therefore rises, in a humidor with a tray the humidifier MUST be placed in the lower area and NOT in the lid. If the humidifier is mounted in the lid, then the distance of the cigars on the tray to the humidifier is too low and the cigars are over-moistened.

The material used for these humidors is the best quality available. The hinges can carry over 9 kilograms of weight. The tray is made out of solid mahogany so the cigars don’t touch the Spanish cedar directly and take on the flavors of the wood. Every piece of the humidor is hand made and the wood grains are visible. The wall thickness varies from 24mm to 31mm. The external dimension is 560mmx397mmx205mm. The weight is 9 kg. Prices start at € 8890.

The humidors can be purchased from the newly designed Henk website. There you can also find information on the Henk cigars and other accessories. The accessories include the Cigarbone, Stogiebag, Cigarduffel, a portable ashtray, and more. 

Ministry of Cigars - Weekly news week 47



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