October 2023

Corporación Habanos, S.A., the company responsible for the global marketing and distribution of Cuban cigars, has made an official announcement regarding the appointment of Mrs. Beatriz Garrido García as their new Operational Marketing Director. This decision has been endorsed by the Habanos, S.A. Shareholders’ Meeting.

Beatriz Garrido García brings substantial experience to her new role. She holds a degree in Scientific and Technical Information, which has paved the way for her extensive career within the cigar industry.

Mrs. Garrido’s association with Habanos, S.A. dates back to 1997 when she joined the company as a Commercial Information Specialist within the Operational Marketing Division. In 2001, she transitioned to the role of Market Intelligence Specialist in the Strategic Marketing management.

In 2009, Beatriz Garrido was appointed as Market Supervisor at Tabacalera S.L.U., a key distributor of Habanos, S.A. products in Spain. Her responsibilities in this capacity extended until 2013.

Subsequently, she ventured into international sales as an International Saleswoman within the Commercial Management division. In 2017, Mrs. Garrido became a Corporate Director at Phoenicia Trading, an Exclusive Distributor for Africa and the Middle East. Her career path then led her to the role of Commercial Director at Cigarte Ibérica, a company based in Spain specializing in cigar accessories.

The appointment of Beatriz Garrido García as Operational Marketing Director underscores Habanos, S.A.’s commitment to drawing upon internal talent and industry expertise. Her diverse professional background positions her as a valuable addition to the company’s leadership team.

This news signifies a significant development within the world of Cuban cigars and the corporate structure of Habanos, S.A. The company’s choice to entrust Mrs. Garrido with this key role reflects their confidence in her ability to contribute to the organization’s continued success in the global cigar market.

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