Date: April 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Habanos Regional Editions 2020. Through our sources, we obtained a handwritten list with all the presumed regional editions from Habanos for this year. The list has been floating on the internet for a few weeks. We did not want to publish the list until we had confirmation that the list was legit. But several sources within Habanos or Habanos distributors confirmed that the list is correct.

So what can we expect for the coming year? Twenty-five new regional editions, including several European releases, two Asian releases, a release for the Middle East, and releases for Central America. Malaysia gets an Edicion Regional for the first time in the history of the program.


The Americas, both North, and South America combined will get five different releases. Those are split between Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Caribe.

Diplomaticos Caribe Reserva Exclusiva (Geniales 5⅞x50) 2400 boxes of 25
El Rey del Mundo Brasil Serie B Brasil (Edmundo 5⅜x52) 6000 boxes of 10
La Gloria Cubana Pero Alemarado (Dobles 6⅛x50) 2000 cabinets of 50
Ramon Allones Mexico Perfecto (Tacos 6¼x47) 6000 boxes of 10
Saint Luis Rey Costa Rica Pura Vida (Magnum 54 4¾x54) 6000 boxes of 10

Asia and the Middle East

There are two regional editions coming to Asia and two for the Middle East. As said before, Malaysia gets a regional edition for the first time. The two Asian releases are limited to 88880 cigars each, as 8 is a lucky number in Chinese mythology.

Cuaba Asia Pacifico APAR (Tacos 6¼x47) 8888 boxes of 10
San Cristobal de la Habana Malaysia Harimau Malaya (Montesco 5⅛x55) 8888 boxes of 10
La Gloria Cubana Israel Sublines (Magnum 54 4¾x54) 6000 boxes of 10
Ramon Allones Libano Phoenicia 40 (Sublimes 6½x54) 10000 boxes of 20


The bulk of the regional editions are heading to Europe. Sixteen of the twenty-five expected Regional Editions will head to the European Habanos distributors. 

Diplomaticos Espana Coleccion Privada II (Edmundo 5⅜x52) 50000 boxes of 10
El Rey del Mundo Francia L’Epoque (Sublimes 6½x54) 6000 boxes of 10
El Rey del Mundo Balcani Grand Marshall (Genios 5½x52) 6000 boxes of 10
La Gloria Cubana Belux Medaille D’or Especial (Laguito No.2 6×38) 4000 boxes of 25
La Gloria Cubana Bulgaria Balcania (Magnum 50 6¼x50) 6000 boxes of 10
Quai D’Orsay Russia Acuerbo (Petit Belicosos 4⅞x52) 6000 boxes of 10
Quai D’Orsay Suiza Selecion Royale (109 7¼x50) 1600 cabinets of 50
Quai D’Orsay Francia Elemenceau (Julieta No.2 7×47) 15000 boxes of 10
Quai D’Orsay Andorra Ambassadeur (Half Corona 3½x44) 1200 cabinets of 50
Ramon Allones Germania Sir Henry (Geniales 5⅞x54) 18000 boxes of 10
Ramon Allones Paises Bajos 40 Carat (109 7¼x50) 2020 cabinets of 40
Ramon Allones Italia Noellas (Eminentes 5¼x42) 4500 boxes of 25
Ramon Allones Reino Unido Private Stock (Partagas No.16 6¾x50) 3600 boxes of 25
Ramon Allones Países Nordico King of the North (Dobles 6⅛x50) 6000 boxes of 10
San Cristobal de La Habana Portugal Savdade (Edmundo 5⅜x52) 8000 boxes of 10
Sancho Panza Ciproy & Grecia (Magnum 54 4¾x54) 15000 boxes of 10

 *if you spot any errors, please contact us. We copied this from a handwritten list that wasn’t too clear*

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