Date: October 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Habanos is working on a new Behike. A new size with a 58 ring gauge under the name BHK58. The size of the cigar is likely to be 7×58, according to sources that have seen samples of the new cigars. L’Amateur de cigare broke the news last week, after hearing about samples being handed out to several Habanos distributors last June.

Cohiba Behike BHK

The infamous Behike line was released in 2010. It utilizes a medio Tiempo leaf, a tobacco leaf that doesn’t grow on all plants. It’s a leaf from the top of the plant, and only 10% of the plants have this strong tobacco. While it was used in regular production Cohiba cigars before, Habanos took it out of that blend for the creation of the Behike. And since it’s stronger tobacco, the master blenders of Habanos felt it would work better in thicker ringed cigars. So the three sizes released had ring gauges from 52 to 56. 

Ministry of Cigars - Habanos is working on a new Behike

The sizes were all new to Habanos. The Cohiba Behike BHK line is offered in a 4¾x52. 5⅔x54 and a 6½x56 size, all with a flag tale. Those exact sizes, with the signature flag tail, weren’t new to Pete Johnson’s cigars though. He used them in several of his blends. And as an answer, he released the same sizes under the L’Atelier name. And used the abbreviation LAT 52, LAT 54, and LAT 56 just like Habanos used BHK with the ring gauge. Johnson said back then “if they copy my vitolas, I will copy their concept”. Let’s see if L’Atelier will get a line addition too.

Instant success

The Cohiba Behike was an instant success and is one of the most sought after regular production cigars from Habanos. The demand exceeds the supply, and due to the lack of tobacco, Habanos can’t release more than they do. So it’s quite surprising that they want to release another, even thicker cigar. The tobacco supplies and cigar production isn’t sufficient as it is. With a new BHL 58, the already shortage of tobacco will only grow and customers will not be able to get any Behike at all. 

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