Date: February 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Habanos Festival Release list. Through sources close to Habanos, we received a list of cigars that will be introduced at the Habanos festival later this month. Not all releases have been confirmed by Habanos though. But we trust our sources are correct on this list.

Regular production

Several brands will see a permanent addition to the line-up. Some will be new cigars, others will get updated packaging. Last year, Habanos released the 5½x48 Cuaba Britannica’s Extra and now they will come in tubes. H. Upmann will see the release of an Upmann Connoisseur in boxes of 25. There will be a re-release of the Hoyo Souvenir de Luxe. These 5⅛x42 were a staple in the 1970s but got discontinued in the 1980s. They will be packed in packs of 5 or boxes of 50.

The volume brand Jose L Piedra will see the release of two new vitolas. There will be a Piedras No.6 and a new Petit Caballeros for Jose L Piedra. Fans of La Flor de Cano will see 10-count tins of La Flor de Cano Elegidos. There will be a new For Larranaga under the name Galanes. The Punch Triumfos was discontinued in the 1970s but these small cigars, 5⅛x42, will return in packs of 5 and boxes of 50. There will be two new Romeo y Julieta cigars, the Nobles, and Hidalgos. Both come in boxes of 20 cigars. The packaging will be in the style of the Montecristo Lineament 1935.

Limited releases

As always Habanos will release plenty of limited releases this year. As limited editions, but also as Anejados, Colleccion Habanos or special editions for the La Casa del Habano franchises. The Juan Lopez Seleccion Especial is one of the releases exclusively for the La Casa del Habano shops. And there will be a Montecristo Herederos in boxes of 20 for the La Casa del Habano and the Habanos Specialist retailers.

The 2020 limited editions will be the Hoyo de Monterrey No.4 and the Partagas Legado. There will also be a limited release of the La Gloria Cubana Sublimes and the Partagas Tropicales. The No.4 isn’t the only limited Hoyo de Monterrey as there will also be a new vitola called Primaveras. The Reserva this year will be the Bolivar Belicosos Finos Reserva. Trinidad Fundadores will be available as Anejados. And for the travel retail, there will be a Trinidad Robustos Extra in boxes of 18. The Colleccion of Habanos will be the H. Upmann Super Magnum.

Ministry of Cigars - Habanos Festival Release list

With Habanos, it’s always the question when the cigars will actually be available in retail. Two of the three 2019 limited editions became available in France and Italy in January of 2020. The third 2019 limited edition hasn’t been released yet. One 2020 Limited Edition has been released though. The Romeo y Julieta 8 Maravillas for the Chinese Year of the Rat is available.

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