Date: November 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Habanos collector’s item Guayasamin Humidor. In 1996, the Equatorian artist Oswaldo Guayasamin painted a portrait of Fidel Castro for his 70th birthday. And from that, the idea was born to make a limited edition humidor to commemorate the 30th birthday of the Cohiba brand. And since it was the 30th anniversary of Cohiba, only 30 of these humidors were made.

A decade after the original release, and 7 years after Oswaldo Guayasamin passed away at age 79, Habanos and the Guayasamin Foundation released another limited edition humidor. This time it was limited to 50 pieces and it included 90 Cohiba cigars. 

Ministry of Cigars - Habanos collector's item Guayasamin Humidor

The humidor

Guayasamin Foundation was in charge of producing these humidors which were made by hand in fine Hammersmith workshops. These crafters used a wood called Equatorial Cedar in which no traditional metal nails are used but wooden nails. Brass-made ironworks designed by the artist himself was made by hand as well. The engraving of the top resembles a gorgeous voluptuous woman and it’s covered up with a 24-carat gold powder spill known as “pan de oro”.

Habanos then sourced Cohiba cigars for the humidor. And they opted for 6 vitolas, 15 cigars each. Packed in three layers. Those cigars were Cohiba Esplendidos, Lanceros, Piramides, Coronas Especiales, and the popular Siglo VI. And where Habanos is now adding extra rings for unique releases, back then they didn’t. The humidor comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Fidel Castro himself.

Ministry of Cigars - Habanos collector's item Guayasamin Humidor
the certificate with Fidel Castro’s signature

Collector’s item

We were lucky enough to be able to see a Guayasamin Humidor last week. We had that chance as one of our contacts is a trader in vintage and rare Cuban collectibles. And he was a broker in a deal between two collectors for the sale of this collector item. We tagged along to an undisclosed location where we were able to take some pictures and smell the cigars from the humidor. The anonymous buyer did not buy one of these vintage and rare humidors, but two. 

Back in 2006, when the numbered humidors were released, they were sold for approximately 30.000 euro. Now we swore secrecy on the price of the two pieces sold last week so we won’t reveal that amount. All that we can say is that it was a pretty good investment. And considering the growing collector market in the Middle East and Asia, we think that prices will only go up for these items.

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