Date: November 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Habanos adds vitola to H Upmann. It is an addition to the Connoisseur line. The H. Upmann Connossieur No.2 is joining the Connoisseur No.1, Connossieur A and Connossieur B to turn the line into a four vitola series. The Connossieur A & B are exclusive to Habanos Specialist stores, which include the high end La Casa del Habano and Cohiba Atmosphere locations as well. 

The preview of the cigar will take place in Germany. The exclusive Habanos distributor in Germany, 5th Avenue, is hosting an online event where the H.Upmann Connoisseur No.2 will make its debut. The 5¼ x51 size is unique and has never been made in Cuba before. It is unclear when the cigars are available for retailers and cigar enthusiasts globally. As always with Habanos, that could take months or even longer.

H. Upmann history

H. Upmann is among the oldest cigar brands in existence. In 1843, banker Hermann Dietrich Upmann (16 May 1816 – 1894) arrived in Havana, Cuba. He was there to arrange business affairs for the firm he worked for. That was Gravenhorst & Co, an importing/exporting firm located in Bremen, Germany. Upmann saw potential. Along with establishing a banking business catering to tobacco dealers and manufacturers, Upmann bought a local cigar factory and the first H. Upmann cigar brand was born in 1844. Hermann worked until 1890. His nephew, Heinrich succeeds him. The nephew, and his partners, run the business operations until he dies in 1914. By that time, the cigar-making has moved into a larger facility at the turn of the century. Hermann and Alberto, Hermann’s nephews, are his successors.

In 1922 the Upmann family had to sell due to their involvement in a spy ring. The British distributor Frankau acquired the brand. Frankau starts producing cigars under the H. Upmann name again and keeps producing until 1935. In that year, Frankau is purchased and the new owners find dealing with Cuba too troublesome. The brand is bought by Menendez, Garcia y Cia. Menendez is the founder of Montecristo. After the revolution, the Castro regime stole the rights, and ever since Cubatabaco is producing cigars under the H. Upmann name. The Menendez family fled to Spain, and then to Brazil and the Dominican Republic. The Brazilian Alonso Menendez comes from them, and with the Amero family, they created Menendez Amero. That’s the biggest player when it comes to Brazilian tobacco.

Ministry of Cigars - Habanos adds vitola to H Upmann
2019 H. Upmann humidor from the Habanos festival

Benji Menendez became a legend of his own for working with the New World Partagas and other brands for General Cigars.

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