Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Gurkha’s Juan Lopez at Tabakado Meet & Greet 2019. The national sales director for Gurkha has confirmed his appearance. And just as Jeremy Casdagli, Lopez isn’t a stranger to the Meet & Greet events by the Eindhoven retailer Tabakado.

The Meet & Greet is an annual event started a few years ago by father and daughter Johan & Mariska Kelch. After Johan’s premature passing, Mariska continued with the event and last year, a beautiful toast was made by David Blanco, honoring Johan.

Not one brand has such a ‘love it or hate it’ stigma as Gurkha. Mention the name in online cigar groups or at your local lounge and you’ll have fans on one side, haters on the other. But it doesn’t matter if you’re a lover or a hater, any event with Juan Lopez is a pleasure. If anybody knows how to create a party vibe, it’s the man with the coolest name in the cigar industry. Working for a Non-Cuban cigar brand with the same name as a Cuban cigar, that’s like Sam Sung working for apple.

Ministry of Cigars Gurkha’s Juan Lopez at Tabakado Meet & Greet 2019

Meet & Greet 2019

The Meet & Greet 2019 will take place at Cafe Restaurant Het Oude Wandelpark in Valkenswaard. Tickets are available at for €90. Tickets include cigars and a barbecue. Plus hanging out with a group like-minded cigar aficionados and industry people.

Jeremy Casdagli from Casdagli Cigars and Juan Lopez from Gurkha are confirmed. Mariska Kelch is there and can be considered a cigar brand owner too, with her El Piño Blanco brand. More names will be revealed in the next few days.

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