Date: June 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Gurkha Cigars expending some lines. The Marquesa, Cellar Reserve 12 years and Cellar Reserve 15 years will get new vitolas. Just as the infused Grand Reserva, Bourbon Collection and Private Select.

The new sizes

The Marquesa gets a 6×60 addition. Gurkha calls it the Marquesa Magnum. The Marquesa is a relatively new Gurkha blend that was introduced last year. The introduction included three sizes. Those are a 5×52 Robusto, 6×54 Toro, and a 5×54 Belicoso. Both round and box-pressed, 10 of each in a box. The cigars are made with Sumatra wrapper. The binder and filler are Nicaraguan. Gurkha did not disclose what factory produces these cigars for them.

The Gurkha Cellar Reserve 12 years is getting two new sizes. Those are a 5×52 Robusto and a 6×54 Toro. The new add-ons are a break from the 58+ ring gauge theme the line had. The other sizes are the 5×58 Solara, 6×58 Hedonism and the 6×60 Kraken. The cigars are made at American Caribbean Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua. Gurkha tried to buy that factory but backed out. The blend has 12-year-old filler from Condega, Esteli, and Jalapa. The binder is also Nicaraguan. The wrapper is an Oscuro wrapper from Ecuador.

The Gurkha Cellar Reserve 15 years is getting the same two additions as the 12 years. The cigars are made at Tabacalera Las Lavas in the Dominican Republic. The blend has 15-year-old Dominican tobaccos in the filler. The binder is Dominican Olor. The wrapper is Criollo 98. Previously, a 4×58 Perfecto, 5×58 Double Robusto, 6×58 Gran Rothschild, a 7×54 Churchill, and a 6×60 XO were available. With the new sizes, the total number of vitolas will come to 7.

Ministry of Cigars Gurkha Cigars is expending some lines
Gurkha Cellar Reserve 15 years

The infused cigars

Three different infused Gurkha cigars will get a line extension too. There is a cognac infused Grand Reserva. The Private Select is rum infused. And the Bourbon Collection is bourbon infused. Those three lines will get a 5×42 Corona added to the line-up. Frank de Kok, the  International Director for Gurkha, expects the cigars to be launched in Europe as well. Gurkha is available in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Ministry of Cigars
Cognac infused Gurkha Grand Reserva
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