Date: March 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Gilbert de Montsalvat events in the United Kingdom. On March 17 and 18, Raymondo Bernasconi, the owner of the Gilbert de Montsalvat brand will be in the United Kingdom. He will be visiting Turmaus Tobacconist in Liverpool and Chester for tasting events. Gilbert de Montsalvat was released in the United Kingdom in late 2019.

But the brand isn’t new. The brand is over a decade old. Bernasconi, also a cigar distributor in his homeland Switzerland, was looking to start a line of his own. And for the name, he found inspiration in a book by Thomas Brunnschweiler. His 1999 novel ‘Der Papst von Genf’ introduced a man who is unable to smell or taste. The moral of the story is to trust your instinct and judgment. That character? Indeed, Gilbert de Montsalvat.

Ministry of Cigars - Gilbert de Montsalvat events in the United Kingdom

Turmeaus events

Bernasconi and his British distributor Scott Vines will be traveling to Liverpool on March 17th. The tasting event will start at 6 PM and during the event, 2 cigars will be smoked. Those are the Gilbert de Montsalvat Classic Corona 5½x43 & the 5×50 Revolution Robusto. As always with the tastings at Turmaus Tobacconist, alcohol is included. And for this tasting, the Turmeaus team picked Mount Gay Rum.

The day after, on Wednesday, March 18, Bernasconi and Vines will be in Chester. The same cigars will be paired with the same rum from Barbados.

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