Date: October 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Germany gets its first Habanos Terrace. Two weeks ago, the first German Habanos terrace opened at the Schwarzes Meer restaurant in Dusseldorf. The opening of the Habanos Terrace was inaugurated with a select number of guests including Habanos distributor 5th Avenue. The Dusseldorf based tobacconist Linzbach is a partner in the Habanos Terrace at the Schwarzes Meer.

Habanos Terrace

The staff of the restaurant underwent intensive training. A lot of knowledge on Cuban cigars is exchanged. The combination of the knowledge and the impressive range of Habanos cigars are worthy of the Habanos Terrace trademark. To keep the cigars in good condition, the restaurant invested in a cabinet humidor. In a world where cigar smoking is getting more restrictive, it’s good to have a place at a restaurant where cigar enthusiasts can enjoy a good smoke after a copious dinner.

The opening of the Habanos Terrace by cutting of the red ribbon was in charge of Mrs. Bárbara Leyva, Commercial Director of the 5th Avenue company. At the event attended around 25 people in which all the attendees launched a helium balloon.

Restaurant Schwarzes Meer

The restaurant gets its name from the Black Sea. Schwarzes Meer translates to the Black Sea. The largest coastline of the Black Sea is Turkey and the restaurant specializes in Turkish cuisine. The restaurant rates 3 ½ stars on TripAdvisor and 4 stars on google. It’s located at Graf-Adolf-Straße 60, 40210 Düsseldorf, Duitsland. Hotel Dusseldorf Mitte is right next door, making this the perfect location for out of town visitors to stay in Dusseldorf for a business of leisure trip. And while you’re in Dusseldorf, visit Linzback Tobacco and Cigarworld/La Casa del Habano.

Ministry of Cigars - Germany gets its first Habanos Terrace

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