Date: November 2019
Author: Inspector Z

German engineering in cigars. That’s what the German company Raughvergnügen brings to the table. Germany has a reputation for engineering. And that engineering, which is the background of the brand’s founders, comes back in everything they do. We read about the brand a few times, Halfwheel reported on them. But we never saw the cigars nor the company. This year, they had a booth at the Intertabac trade show and we sat down with Oliver Nickels.

German engineering

Raughvergnügen is a German company. But there are no manufacturers of premium longfillers in Germany. So for the production of the cigars, the company went to the Dominican Republic. And they hooked up with the Dutch cigar manufacturer Maurice Koks, who owns and operates his Intercigar S.A. factory. Together they blended the Raughvergnügen cigars. They use filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Pennsylvania, USA. The binder is Dominican, with an Ecuadorian wrapper. To keep the engineering background attached to the cigars, all the cigars are named after the cubic centimeters they measure. The cigars are only available in the United States and Germany for now.

Kentron #42K

Nickels also explained the latest addition to the Raughvergnügen portfolio. A limited-edition ashtray. He was bored with the same old design of cigar ashtrays. So Raughvergnügen designed a new ashtray, but of course, it had to be connected to the engineering theme of the brand. So they sourced for a 3D printing company that could print them a beautiful, elegant design that would fit the companies DNA. And only with the latest technology, that was possible. The Kentron #42K was born.

The Kentron #42K is printed in Germany. It has a biometric design, an homage to the intricate structure of the tobacco leaf. It’s an extremely complex printing process which takes 8 hours. It’s 3D printed in aluminum alloy. It consists of 42.000 singular elements, which explains the name. It’s limited to 100 pieces. Every single one comes in a box that doubles as a humidor. All the humidors are numbered and with the owner’s name. It retails for € 9800.



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