Date: March 2023
Author: Inspector X

German Engineered Cigars is proud to appoint Sibling Cigars as its exclusive distributor in Pakistan.

“With this partnership, we are breaking new ground,“ says Oliver Nickels, Co-Founder and Chief Cigar Engineer at German Engineered Cigars. “Pakistan is a growing market with a young audience, and we are excited to bring German Cigar Engineering into the region.”

“We received fantastic feedback for our design and on the quality of our cigars. “ added Klaas Mahler, German Engineered Cigars’ Co-Founder and Chief Cigar Designer. “This partnership underlines once more that the global cigar market encourages new thinking and new ideas.”

German Engineered Cigars are one of the first brands we are taking on as Sibling Cigars for Pakistan. Given our previous experience and the warmth our firm has received, we look forward to working with Oliver and Klaas to develop the market in Pakistan,” says Ritul Kapoor, Co-Founder of Sibling Cigars.

About German Engineered Cigars:

German Engineered Cigars was founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 2015 by Jan-Klaas Mahler and Oliver Nickels. The company entered the market under the name Rauchvergnügen and was re-branded to German Engineered Cigars in 2020, underlining the founders’ aspiration to create new blends and expand into global cigar markets.

German Engineered Cigars are made to be part of a modernist lifestyle. Developing exciting blends and combining traditional cigar manufacturing with modern design, the founders strive for superior cigars combined with avant-garde, independent aesthetics. To them, cigar engineering is an art.

More about German Engineered Cigars at and on Instagram at @CigarEngineers

About Sibling Cigars

Sibling Cigars was founded by Sibling Cigar Passinados with an aim to bring together wonderful people who have a similar passion – smoking the finest Cigars in the world weekly.

The Siblings soon realized many of their favourite cigars were not available throughout Europe and other countries, thus they began importing exceptional sticks and accessories too.

Co-Founded and led by Ritul Kapoor, supported by his three siblings, Raahuul & Salloni Kapoor.


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