March 2020

Gajane Benelux releases Lagarto Real. This is a dry-cured shortfiller, a type of cigar that is very popular in Western Europe. But it has a twist from the regular dry-cured short fillers. Where most of them are made with tobaccos from South East Asia and produced there, this one is different. The cigars are or will be available in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg

For the Lagarto Real, Gajane Benelux works with Alejandro Turrent in Mexico. The premium handmade cigars by Turrent are distributed in the Benelux by Gajane, so the relationship was already in place. 

The blend and sizes

The cigars come in three small sizes. Either in a 4½x32m 3⅝x35 or a 3½x48 size. All sizes come packed in wooden boxes of 10. Unlike most dry-cured shortfillers, the Lagarto Real cigars will have to be cut, as the cigars are capped. The cigars are made from Criollo 98 and Negro San Andres tobacco from the Turrent farms, with a Sumatra wrapper from Indonesia. Gajane Benelux hinted that more vitolas will be launched soon. The introductory prices are the same for the three countries. Those are respectively 11,95, 12,95 and 13,95 per box.

The name

Lagarto Real is the American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus), a ferocious predator. It is the most widespread of the four extant species of crocodiles from the Americas, with populations present from South Florida and the coasts of Mexico to as far south as Peru and Venezuela.

Ministry of Cigars - Gajane Benelux releases Lagarto Real

The clear difference between the American crocodile and the American alligator is the shape of the snout. The crocodile has a long, sharp snout, while the alligator has a shorter, stomp snout.

Gajane Benelux picked the name as they said: “We do things a little different than the better-known cigar distributors. Just like the Lagarto Real does things different from the better-known alligator. The cigars are also different than the better known dry-cured shortfillers. Tobaccos from different countries and not pre-cut.”

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