December 2023

Effective January 1, 2024, Fuerte y Libre Cigars is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Fumare Internationale, the parent company of Illusione Cigars. Both companies, having witnessed remarkable industry growth over the past five years, are poised for collaborative success in the coming year.

“Adding Fumare Internationale, with its brand ownership and fifteen years of industry expertise, is a significant step in Fuerte y Libre’s growth strategy for 2024 and a crucial element of our five-year plan,” states Greg Free, President of Fuerte y Libre Cigars.

This partnership facilitates the distribution of the Fuerte y Libre brand through Illusione Cigars and Fumare Internationale’s extensive customer and broker network, utilizing specialized fulfillment software and application interfaces.

“Our growth strategy prioritizes peer-to-peer relationships with top retail shops, marketers, and B2B service providers. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to quality and expansion,” adds Greg Free.

Howard Lenox of Fumare Internationale expresses excitement, stating, “We welcome Greg Free and Fuerte y Libre Cigars to the family and anticipate an amazing 2024.”

Positive Impact on Consumers and Engagement

With Fumare Internationale as a key logistics partner, Fuerte y Libre Cigars aims to broaden its retail footprint, providing consumers with increased access to their premium products. Greg Free, Founder of Fuerte y Libre Cigars, plans to engage more directly with the brand’s loyal customers and forge new connections.

“As we approach the five-year mark, we aim to transition from being seen as ‘That New Brand’ to becoming an established boutique provider of premium cigars in 2024, supported by our partnership with Fumare Internationale,” explains Greg Free.

Established in 2018, Company Name Inc is a Virginia-based company specializing in the production of Dominican cigars for the US market. Currently offering 8 blends across 20 facings, the company looks forward to continued growth and success in the industry.

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