Date: October 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Fuente releases Rare Pink to raise money for breast cancer research. It is a project dear to Liana Fuente. Liana is the granddaughter of Carlos Fuente sr and the daughter of Carlito Fuente. She’s deeply involved in the family business and inspired her father to create these cigars. Two family members lost the battle against the second most common cancer in the United States. A type of cancer that kills more than 40.000 women a year in America alone.

 “July 30th, 2019, we lost our grandmother, Lidia Diaz, to stage four breast cancer. My grandmother was the light of my eyes and the glue in our family,” Liana wrote on the American Cancer Society website. “My aunt, Nory, whom I loved with all my heart also lost the battle to cancer almost 15 years ago. I still feel like it was yesterday. I vowed to her, that very day, I would do my part to make a change.”


The color for breast cancer awareness is pink. That’s the theme Fuente takes as well. Pink colored artwork and a name that includes Pink. Arturo Fuente donates $13 of each box to The American Cancer Society—Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. That number has meaning to the Fuente family. Liana Fuente is born on the 6th. Her grandmother, Carlito’s mother, on the 7th. Those numbers make 13, which is the favorite number of the late Carlos Fuente Sr. With 500 boxes of each of the six Fuente Rare Pink, that makes a donation of $39.000 in the fight against breast cancer.

Ministry of Cigars - Fuente releases Rare Pink

The cigars are all figurados. Some sizes are similar to the Fuente Hemingway line including a Rare Pink in the work of art and short story sizes. But there are new sizes as well, like a figured lancero. The blend however it differs from the Hemingway series. The Hemingway uses a Cameroon wrapper while the Rare Pink uses an Ecuadorian wrapper. Grown by the Oliva Tobacco Company. The farm where the wrappers are grown is called La Mecca. La Mecca is the farm where the Ashton Virgin Sun Grown wrappers come from, a cigar also rolled at Tabacalera Fuente y Cia. Some of the filler tobacco comes from the Fuente farms in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Production and release date

The total production of the Fuente Rare Pink for 2020 is 3000 boxes. Since there are six sizes, it means 500 boxes of each size. The first four sizes are available from November 18, the other two sizes will follow later. November 18 is another meaningful date for the Fuente family. It’s exactly, to the day, the 25th anniversary of the Opus X release. That now-iconic cigar was launched on November 18, 1995.

Ministry of Cigars - Fuente releases Rare Pink

Liana’s stride

In addition to the Arturo Fuente Rare Pink, Liana Fuente is also raising funds online. What really struck a chord with Liana is when a loved one refused treatment. She said, “My husband cannot see me without hair”. The moment Liana raises $40.000 on her strides page, she will donate her beautiful long hair. Her father, Carlos ‘Carlito’ Fuente Jr is the one to shave her hair off. Liana’s hair will be used to create wigs for breast cancer victims who lose hair due to chemotherapy.

With 5 days to go to fulfill the $40.000 goal, we hope that everyone who reads this article can donate a few dollars or help Liana and the cause in another way. Not that we want to see Liana lose her hair, but we want her to raise as much money as possible for this great cause.

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  1. I am a big Fuente fan.. Where can I buy the rare pink?

    1. Fuente did not release a list of retailers that have them, so I can’t tell you, sorry.

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