December 2023

Fuente and Padrón enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the collaborative Legends humidor will need to exercise patience, as conveyed by Arturo Fuente Cigar Co. and Padrón Cigars Inc. A shipment container transporting the humidors sustained extensive damage during its journey from the Dominican Republic to Fuente’s headquarters in Tampa, Florida. The revelation of the damage occurred upon unpacking at the warehouse last week.

Although the second container reportedly emerged unscathed, Carlos Fuente Jr. and Jorge Padrón, respective proprietors of Arturo Fuente Cigar Co. and Padrón Cigars Inc., are committed to meticulously inspecting each humidor to ensure its pristine condition.
Every chest, every individual cigar, every portfolio must be impeccable,” emphasized Fuente Jr. “I have never encountered a shipping mishap of this magnitude in my entire life. This project embodies three essential elements: passion for a shared, time-honoured craft, family—two families, and integrity in honouring two great men. Given its profound significance, each facet must be flawless.

The humidor stands as a joint venture between Fuente and Padrón, prominent names in the premium cigar industry. Their innovative concept involved crafting a cigar to pay homage to the other’s father, with each producing their respective cigars in their factories.

The Fuente y Padrón Legends humidor comprises 40 Churchill-sized cigars—20 crafted by Fuente in the Dominican Republic and 20 by Padrón in Nicaragua. The Fuente cigar commemorates the late José Orlando Padrón, while the Padrón cigar pays tribute to the late Carlos Fuente Sr.

CigarInspector has covered this project since 2020. Specifics like blend details, dimensions, and pricing remain undisclosed. Attendees of Cigar Aficionado’s Big Smoke Meets WhiskyFest 2023 seminars had the opportunity to sample prototypes of each cigar, with Fuente and Padrón providing insights during the event.

Expressing disappointment over the setback in the Legends project, Jorge Padrón remarked, “After years of planning and effort, we have faced a setback. I am truly disappointed that we have to postpone its release. Despite challenges, our families are responding in the manner we were taught, working collaboratively to ensure the completion of this project, which must be nothing short of what the two esteemed men being honoured deserve.

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