Date: May 2024
Author: Inspector X

Recognized as the Best Cigar Accessory of 2022, Les Fines Lames, a pioneering French brand that revolutionized cigar knife design in 2016, crafts iconic accessories with dual functionalities.

For German Engineered Cigars, engineering transcends mere functionality; it’s an art form. Since 2015, they have been merging traditional cigar craftsmanship with a modernist lifestyle, characterized by distinctive aesthetics.

A blend of German precision and French finesse, Le Petit – Kentron stands as a testament to the pinnacle of 3D printing technology, drawing inspiration from biomimetics, mimicking the intricate structure of a tobacco leaf. Developed collaboratively by Les Fines Lames and German Engineered Cigars, this visionary accessory offers unparalleled stability and a secure grip, reflecting the essence of both brands.

Priced at $179 / €179, Le Petit – Kentron is now available on, embodying the fusion of French elegance and German ingenuity.

We believe in ‘Engineering as an art,’ a principle shared with our French counterparts at Les Fines Lames. Le Petit – Kentron is a symbol of our true friendship, blending traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde technology. It represents the harmonious collaboration between creative minds and skilled hands across borders.” – Oliver Nickels, Co-Founder and Chief Cigar Engineer of German Engineered Cigars

Our partnership with our German colleagues, Klaas and Jan, has always been founded on the spirit of collaboration. The idea for this collaboration was born in Vegas during PCA 2022, where we shared a booth at the tradeshow. From those conversations emerged a high-quality product, designed in synergy with the Kentron line of unique accessories proposed by German Engineered Cigars.” – Pierre Jourdan, Creative Director and Founder of Les Fines Lames

Crafted in the heart of French cutlery capital, Thiers, Le Petit by Les Fines Lames is an authentic friction folder knife. Compact and portable, it boasts a 2.55-inch non-lockable blade made from 14C28N stainless steel, offering a razor-sharp cutting edge capable of slicing through even the largest cigars, up to 70 gauge (1.1-inch diameter).

In summary, Les Fines Lames offers a distinctive range of French-made cigar accessories, distributed globally, with over 90% of sales occurring abroad. With a robust presence on social media, the brand has cultivated a loyal community of 65,000 followers, connecting with enthusiasts at international cigar events and fostering collaborations with leading brands.

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