March 2020

Fratello Piccolo and space packs for Germany. Omar de Frias launched both the 4×34 Piccolo for the Fratello Classic line and the Space Pack last year. For America during the IPCPR show and for the rest of the world at Intertabac. The cigars are now available in Germany through Fratello’s distributor Kleinlagel.

The Space Pack

The Space Fresh Pack is a fresh pack as we know from several other brands. A perfect solution to bring cigars on a trip without a travel humidor. Or as a gift to an occasional smoker who doesn’t have a humidor. Fratello is joining the list of companies offering a fresh pack solution but is throwing in a bonus. That bonus is the exclusive 6×50 Fratello Classico Toro. That’s a size which is not sold separately. And two new blends, also not sold separately. We reviewed the Fratello Arlequin from the space pack last year.

Just like any other Nicaraguan Fratello cigar, the production is done by Joya de Nicaragua. As for the blends, the Sorella is made from Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. The binder is Indonesian. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Habano. The Arlequin has fillers from Nicaragua and Peru. The binder is from Ecuador. The wrapper is Mexican.

The Space Pack will have a fixed price of €30 for Germany. If the blends would be sold separately, the price would be €42.50 according to an email from Martina Kleinlagel.

Ministry of Cigars - Fratello Piccolo and space packs for Germany

Fratello Classico Piccolo

The 3×34 Petite Corona in the Fratello Classico blend will also be available in Germany effective immediately. The cigar, made with Nicaraguan and Peruvian fillers, and Ecuadorian binder and wrapper, will be sold in boxes of 100. A box has a set price of €400, making each single cigar €4.00.

Fratello Piccolo and space packs for Germany

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