September 2018

Fratello Navetta Inverso in The Netherlands. About three months ago Fratello Navetta was introduced to the Dutch market. The Fratello distributor Longfiller Company priced these Nicaraguan cigars in the 10 euro range. The Fratello Navetta is made with Nicaraguan filler. The binder comes from the Dominican Republic. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Oscuro.


The follow-up of the Fratello Navetta is the Fratello Navetta Inverso. And the Fratello Navetta Inverso comes to The Netherlands. The cigar is basically the Fratello Navetta, but inside out.

The line has a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. The wrapper from the Navetta is the binder in the Navetta Inverso. The filler comes from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

According to Fratello owner Omar de Frias, just changing one leaf and changing the position of the tobacco makes a world of a difference.

Ministry of Cigars - Fratello Navetta Inverso in The Netherlands


The following sizes are available in The Netherlands. From the Fratello Navetta, four sizes are available.
Robusto Discovery (5×50) €9,50
Atlantis (6¼x52) €11
Endeavor (6¼x54 ) €10,00
Enterprise (6×60) €10,50

There are three Fratello Navetta Inverso cigars on the market in The Netherlands.
Corona Gorda (5⅞x46) €9,50
Robusto (5¼x54) €11,00
Toro Grande (6¼x54) €11,50

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