Date: October 2018
Author: Inspector Z

The Swiss distributor of Habanos decided to add four more vitolas to the portfolio. None of the cigars are new releases but according to our source they are new to the Swiss market, or they return to the Swiss market after being discontinued locally for a while.

The first cigar is the classic 4.3×42 Bolivar Coronas Junior. The cigars come in dress boxes of 25. The next cigar is the Cohiba Coronas Especiales, a 6×38 Laguito #2, also in boxes of 25. Also new is the San Cristobal de la Habana La Fuerza, a 5.6×50 Gordito in 25 count boxes and finally the classic Rafael Gonzalez Petit Coronas, 5.1×42 Marevas also in boxes of 25.

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