Date: June 2023
Author: Inspector X

Foundation Cigar Co., known for its commitment to honouring Nicaraguan historical figures through its cigar lines, is set to introduce its latest creation: Metapa. This new brand pays homage to Rubén Darío, a renowned Nicaraguan poet, and will make its debut at the highly anticipated 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show.

Crafted by AJ Fernandez in Nicaragua, Metapa features an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper elegantly encasing a Connecticut broadleaf binder. The blend showcases premium Nicaraguan fillers, resulting in a harmonious fusion of Flavors. Foundation Cigar Co. has meticulously curated four box-pressed sizes for regular production, ensuring each cigar promises a unique and satisfying smoking experience.

The Metapa line includes the following sizes:

Metapa Robusto (5 x 50) — $15.50 (Box of 10, $155)
Metapa Corona Gorda (5 1/2 x 48) — $14.50 (Box of 10, $145)
Metapa Toro (6 x 52) — $16.50 (Box of 10, $165)
Metapa Double Corona (7 x 54) — $18 (Box of 10, $180)

Metapa is not only a tribute to Nicaragua’s rich cultural heritage but also a celebration of Rubén Darío’s esteemed status as a poet. The brand takes its name from Darío’s hometown, previously known as Metapa but now referred to as Ciudad Darío. Darío holds an iconic position in the Spanish language as the founder of modernismo, a literary movement that influenced many poets, including the renowned Cuban poet José Martí.

Nicholas Melillo, the founder of Foundation, expressed his excitement about the new release, stating, “Metapa is a tribute to the poetic soul of Nicaragua. The image of Rubén Darío is iconic; he is considered one of the greatest poets in the Spanish language. I have always wanted to make a brand in his honour, and I have always wanted to introduce a blend around a Sumatra Ecuador wrapper. Metapa is the result.”

The Ecuador Sumatra wrapper sets Metapa apart from Foundation Cigar Co.’s usual selection, making it a unique addition to their portfolio. Combined with the Connecticut broadleaf binder and the Nicaraguan filler, the blend promises a distinct smoking experience, blending the sweetness from the binder with the robustness of the Nicaraguan filler.

The anticipation surrounding Foundation’s Metapa is tangible as cigar enthusiasts eagerly await the opportunity to Savor this literary-inspired blend. With its homage to Rubén Darío and its unique flavour profile, Metapa is poised to captivate the palates of aficionados, establishing itself as one of the latest and most intriguing brands in the UK cigar market.

Nicholas Melillo further describes the blend, stating, “This blend is unique and unlike anything I have ever created. The Connecticut Broadleaf binder adds a bit of sweetness, Nicaragua filler the body and strength, and the wrapper is the icing on the cake.”

As the UK cigar market embraces the arrival of Foundation Cigars through the collaboration with 1573 Cigars, enthusiasts can anticipate exploring the brand’s exceptional offerings.

While details regarding the availability of Metapa in the UK are yet to be confirmed, the introduction of Foundation Cigars to the British market paves the way for an exhilarating journey for enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Stay tuned for updates on the release of Metapa and the potential arrival of this blend in the UK.

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