June 2020

Foundation and Kafie heading towards Malaysia. The largest cigar importer, distributor, and retailer of Malaysia, Cigar Malaysia is bringing in two new brands. One from Nicaragua, and one from Honduras. Foundation Cigars from Nick Melillo aka Nick R Agua, and Kafie 1901 from dr. Gaby Kafie.

Foundation Cigar Company

Mid 2015, Nick Melillo, started Foundation Cigar Company. But he isn’t a new player. The Chief of Broadleaf as his nickname is earned his stripes at Drew Estate. He was running production at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in Nicaragua but had many roles within the company before he parted ways and started Foundation Cigar Company.

Foundation Cigar Company makes several lines, such as The Wiseman, Tabernacle, Charter Oak, and more. The cigars are produced at two different factories in Esteli, Nicaragua. Melillo uses the factory of Aganorsa Leaf, Tabacos Valle de Jalapa also known as TABSA. The other factory Foundation Cigar Company is using is Nicaraguan American Cigars SA.

Ministry of Cigars - Foundation and Kafie heading towards Malaysia

Kafie 1901

Dr. Gaby Kafie is a proud Honduran American. He left a career as a physician in South Florida to open a cigar factory in his native Honduras. His goal is to protect the cigar history in Honduras, as he saw more and more factories shutting down. He incorporates his family history into Kafie 1901 brand, with his grandparents in the logo. His grandparents have a history of tobacco, which we wrote about in an earlier article. Next to Kafie 1901, Tabacalera Kafie y Cia also produces the San Jeronimo lines for Kafie Cigars.

The factory is also used by other brands, such as Duke Cigars, Stogie Road Cigars, and more. But the company doesn’t stop there. With his business partner, Dr. Gaby Kafie also owns a cigar box factory and a cellophane factory. The only process Kafie Cigars isn’t involved in is growing tobacco. 

The Kafie 1901 cigars that will be introduced are the Connecticut Toro Bello, Sumatra Toro Bello, San Andres Toro, and the Don Fernando Maduro Robusto. The three San Jeronimo blends will be available in a Toro size. Those are the Habano, Connecticut, and Maduro. The 7 cigar sampler from Kafie Cigars will also be available.

Ministry of Cigars TKafie Cigars and Pasion Puro liquidate German stock

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